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Sweet Places We're Going

Athens, GA - Doughnut Dare | 1.26.14

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dare, modeled after the incredibly successful Krispy Kreme Challenge in North Carolina, combines America's two favorite pastimes, running and eating. In the inaugural Doughnut Dare, participants will run a 5K race through the University of Georgia campus. With one catch. Near the halfway point, the racers will stop running and start eating. Racers will eat ten delectable doughnuts from Krispy Kreme before running the remaining other half of the race. The first person to finish the race, and hold down their doughnuts, will be crowned the champion.

Here is how it works. Register online at www.5kdare.ugamiracle.org for one of three different divisions: to "Take the Dare," be a "Leisure Runner," or be "Morale."

Sharing the Joy in Durham, NC

The Krispy Kreme Cruiser made a sweet stop visiting hospitals, students, and many residents of Durham to share doughnuts and smiles with the community.  A fan, Chris Rosati, made a special request to Krispy Kreme to help share the joy.  A few weeks ago, Chris, made his sweet request and was looking for a way to surprise people and share cheer. Here are a few moments from the day. Learn more about this story.