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Sweet Places We're Going

You're Invited!- December 4 at 5:30 AM

Tamarac/Sunshine Plaza Grand Opening

You’re invited to join us on Wednesday, November 13 at 6 AM for our new Tamarac/Sunshine Plaza Grand Opening. We're opening a new shop located at 4299 West Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, FL 33319 (east of Florida Turnpike).

Get there early on grand opening day for a chance to win one of these sweet prizes:

• Free doughnuts every week for a year – to the first person in line
• Next 99 people in line get a free dozen each month for a year.
• The first 100 customers in line receive a free commemorative t-shirt.
• First drive-thru customer – free Doughnuts for a year
• Next 11 customers will receive a free dozen each month for a year.
• First 12 fans in line at the drive-thru will receive a free commemorative t-shirt.

We're looking for a few "fan-atics" that would like to help spread the word of our new store opening. Email us at KrispyKremeVIP@gmail.com for details.

Like our local page at https://www.facebook.com/ KrispyKremeSFLA.

Krispy Kreme in Houston

The Glaze the Nation Tour is about surprising fans with visits across the country. Our fans in Houston tweeted, wrote, posted on Facebook and shared with us how much they wanted Krispy Kreme to come to Houston. IT was our honor to be in such a wonderful city and see so many fans. Many thanks for the memories and wonderful opportunities to Share the Joy. Look at scenes from our sweet stop below.