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Sweet Places We're Going

Burlington, NC opening

See the Krispy Kreme Cruiser at our new Burlington shop on July 23 from 3-5pm. Spin the prize wheel and offer treats.



Birthday FanFest in Winston-Salem

A dough-na-mite celebration was held on July 13 in downtown Winston-Salem, NC for fans of all ages. The Cruiser was one of the main attractions (see below) as fans lined up to spin the prize wheel, enjoy hot doughnuts and coffee, listened to the sweet sounds of a local band, and decorated their own doughnuts.

Next time you see the Krispy Kreme Cruiser, give us a follow on Twitter (@KKDCruiser).

Want to surprise that special someone in your life? A special proposal, birthday wish, or soldier returned home? Give us a follow and tweet #SweetStop or send us an email cruiser@krispykreme.com

Independence Day Party In N. Knoxville, TN

Join us at our shop located at 11208 Kingston Pike in Farragut, TN. We'll be there from 1-3 PM on July 4. Spin the prize wheel, join the fun, and have an iced coffee or Chiller while you visit our shop.