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The Cruiser

Want to make a #SweetStops request?

Use the form below to email us or tweet #SweetStops with your suggested idea or place to stop anywhere in the domestic 48 US states.  We’ll randomly message fans who send in their clever requests and confirm the details and let you know if we can make a sweet stop there.

Every stop is a little different with a twist on the season, location and what doughnuts we have in shop. Imagine it like a party for you, your company or school, your friends, etc. We’ll provide the treats, bring our Cruiser prize wheel, and surprise you.

Visits must be within a four hour drive of a Krispy Kreme location in order to surprise you with fresh, tasty Krispy Kreme treats.

About the Stops
Stops are entirely within our discretion and depend, among other things, on our schedule, our ability to get to the location you suggested, and other logistical issues. The details of a stop are also within our discretion, and we cannot be held liable for not making a stop, even if we had previously arranged to make that stop. We reserve the right to stop taking suggestions for stops at any time. 


Reminiscent of the early 1940s when Krispy Kreme mobilized its small fleet of delivery trucks to bring our signature doughnuts to fans of all ages. Join in the celebration of our 77th birthday with fans as we cruise across the country. Stay tuned for updates and new adventures here at


Contact the Krispy Kreme Cruiser

Want to send a special note to the Krispy Kreme Cruiser staff?