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Sweet Places We're Going

Cruising Into Richmond, VA To Celebrate Local Heroes

The Cruiser stopped by to visit Mark Smith, who owns Midas of Richmond. Mark does a great deal of good in Richmond, including work with the Central Virginia Food Bank and making sure children in low income communities have meals. He also holds blood drives at his shops, attended by 500+ people.

The Cruiser showed up to his Midas shop and celebrated him and his workers with doughnuts and some fun #SuperheoDay memorabilia. Mark and his team had a great time checking out this Sweet Ride.

Here's to celebrating this local hero and the heroes in your life!

The Cruiser Celebrates #SuperheroDay

Join us on April 28 from 8-10 AM and on 3-5 PM

Visiting Heros Across the US

Today we surprised some of our favorite Superheros (not capes required) to have a doughnut party. These Superheroes are helping to spread the word about our event on 4/28. Share the joy with the Superhero in your life and say thanks.